30 Days Of Holiday Content Ideas For Lash Techs

  1. Prepping for Festive Looks - Get your lashes ready to shine this holiday season.
  2. Glamorous Holiday Lash Styles - Explore stunning lash styles for all your merry occasions.
  3. Lash Lovers' Gift Guide - Find the perfect holiday gifts for lash enthusiasts.
  4. Exclusive Holiday Promotions - Enjoy special holiday discounts and offers just for you.
  5. Winter Lash Care Tips - Learn how to keep your lashes healthy during the colder months.
  6. Sparkling New Year Lashes - Get ready to ring in the New Year with dazzling lashes.
  7. Lash Artist Spotlight - Feature a talented lash artist and their holiday creations.
  8. Holiday Lash Accessories - Discover festive lash accessories to amp up your look.
  9. Classic vs. Volume Lashes - Discuss the differences for a perfect holiday look.
  10. Customer Holiday Stories - Share heartwarming stories of holiday lash transformations.
  11. Lash-Friendly Makeup Tips - Combine makeup with your lash style for a festive look.
  12. Lash Aftercare During the Holidays - Offer tips for maintaining lash extensions.
  13. Festive Lash Colors - Explore colorful lash options for holiday parties.
  14. DIY Holiday Lash Decor - Craft creative lash-themed decorations for the season.
  15. Holiday Lash Trends - Highlight the latest trends in holiday lash styling.
  16. Virtual Lash Parties - Organize online lash events for holiday fun.
  17. Lash Artist's Favorite Products - Share your top holiday product picks.
  18. Festive Lash Quotes - Post inspiring lash-related quotes with a holiday twist.
  19. Client Transformation Showcase - Feature dramatic holiday lash makeovers.
  20. Lash Maintenance During Travel - Offer tips for keeping lashes in shape while on the go.
  21. Winter Lash Hydration - Discuss how to combat dry winter air for healthy lashes.
  22. Lash Extensions and Holiday Travel - Tips for hassle-free travel with lash extensions.
  23. Holiday Lash DIY Kits - Create and sell DIY lash extension kits for the season.
  24. Lash Artist Q&A - Answer questions from your audience about holiday lash care.
  25. Lash Gift Vouchers - Promote the gift of beautiful lashes for loved ones.
  26. Lash Artist's Wishlist - Share your holiday wishlist, from lashes to luxury.
  27. Lash History for the Holidays - Explore the history of lash enhancements.
  28. Lash Resolutions for 2023 - Encourage setting lash goals for the New Year.
  29. Countdown to Lashmas - Start a countdown to Christmas with daily lash inspiration.
  30. New Year, New Lashes - Prep your lashes for a fabulous New Year's celebration.

Feel free to use this list as a guide for your holiday lash content. Enjoy spreading lash joy throughout the season! 🎄🌟

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