4 Ways To Market Your Lash Business?


Paid ads are are a great way to put your lash product(s)  and services in front of thousands of people. The best part about paid ads is that you get to choose what kind of people your ads will be displayed in front of. By doing this you are making sure you re able to market to the correct people.


What better way to promote your business than to have a celebrity promote your business? Influencers are a key marketing tool. Girl, 86% of Marketers and businesses use Influencers. People who follow Influencers admire them, making it easy for them to trust their word when promoting your products. Since social media is so big right now, it's a no- brainer that Influencers are a great way to promote your product(s).


Promos pages are Instagram accounts that focus on a specific hobby or interest. For example: @Makeuptutorialsx0x is a page all about Makeup. In their bio, it states that you can email them for a promo. You can pay them to post your content in front of their followers. The key is to find a Promo Page that is centered around products that are similar to what you sell.


You can find so much success in Facebook groups. They are full of potential customers right in your home town.

To the left are examples of some Facebook groups in ATL. Search your city name on Facebook and search for groups.

Be sure to read the group rules about promotions.


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