How to correctly place under eye pads on your lash client

  1. Start by selecting the right size of under-eye pads that fit your client's eye shape. The pads should cover the entire under-eye area without touching the lashes.

  2. Cleanse your client's face to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil, and dry the skin.

  3. Ask your client to open their eyes and place one pad under each eye, with the curved edge facing down and the straight edge towards the nose. Make sure the pad is centered and sits comfortably on the skin.

  4. Gently press the pad onto the skin, smoothing out any wrinkles or air pockets to ensure the pad adheres well to the skin.

  5. If necessary, you can adjust the position of the pad by sliding it up or down, but be careful not to touch the lashes or the sensitive skin around the eyes.

  6. Once the pads are in place, you can proceed with applying lash extensions on your client's lashes.

Remember to always be gentle when placing under-eye pads on your lash client, and to choose pads that are suitable for their eye shape and size. Also, make sure to remove the pads carefully and gently at the end of the lash extension procedure.

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