How to do lash extensions?

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A relaxing treatment where you skillfully apply each individual eyelash extension to each natural lash to create fuller, thicker longer looking lashes. 

This treatment takes up to 1.5 hours


Several lightweight lashes are applied to each individual natural lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural lash. For this set your clients lashes will look much fuller, thicker, and darker. 

This treatment can take 2-2.5 hrs.

To learn more about lashing and to train at your own pace click HERE .

Our Self Paced Master Lash Tech Bundle (Comes With Manual & How To Start Lash Business Guide + FREE Theory Practice Exam & Lash Consent Forms 

If you are serious about getting into the lash industry then this is a fabulous opportunity at an affordable, low-cost price. This 88 Page Ebook Course is perfect for your to get your lash career started.

Eyelash extensions are such a great business, we know you are going to love it! If you take a good look around you will see that it is one of the hottest beauty trends around the world! More and more women are making eyelash extensions an everyday part of their regime. This luxury service is a very successful business. 

This workbook covers  sanitation, fills, lash diameters & lengths, removal, intake forms, consultations, mapping, taping methods, bottom lashes, isolation, growth cycles and so much more. 

Our course also comes with a complete list of supplies needed to get your business started.  After buying this digital ebook you will know all the fundamentals of lashing & where to buy your products to begin practicing!

We recommend getting a lot of much needed practice before working on a live model. Keep in mind that practice is key! Once you feel comfortable enough Lots of practice is recommended before working on live models. 

Marketing Business Planner

Its one of the best planners to use to market and grow your brand or your business. This guide is for anyone who is in business not just us Lash Techs. So share this with your friends who are in business because it can help them to. 

Table Of Contexts 32 PAGES TOTAL

Mission statement Company outline

Marketing Goals Objectives & performance Target market

Buyer persona Competitors

SWOT analysis Marketing strategy

Marketing tactics

Marketing 4 P's Pricing strategy

Marketing roadmap Marketing budget plan Brand voice

Brand voice chart Marketing channels

Project template

Marketing project checklist

Project prioritization matrix Content


Retention plans

Executive summary

Yearly marketing calendar Monthly marketing calendar Notes



The Ultimate Business  & Social Media Planner Bundle 

Very detailed 44 page planner for you Lash Babes. It gives you examples of the time frames that you can post on all social platforms. Along with some very over important information about converting people from your social platform into customers.




Lash Students are responsible for bringing all necessary supplies or equipment needed to perform all services during the certification. Please review the practical examination requirements outlined for you below.  

Items that must be labeled:


This Test Will Take 45-60 Min. Please be prepared prior to the exam. You want to make sure that you are dressed for success during the testing. 

Must Train & Study For 60 Days Prior To Requesting Exam.

Purchase your lash course and schedule certification right from the comfort of your home. 

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Hi, I want to start to doing lashes but I don’t know where to begin and would like help to get my business on go


Just started but having trouble fanning


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