Isolating a client's lashes is an essential step in the lash extension process, as it ensures that each natural lash is individually extended and prevents the lashes from sticking together. Here are the steps to isolate your client's lashes with tape:

  1. Start by cleansing your client's lashes thoroughly with an oil-free lash cleanser to remove any makeup, oils, or debris.

  2. Have your client close their eyes, and using a medical-grade tape, apply a small piece of tape onto the lower lid, just under the lower lashes. Make sure the tape is flush against the skin and doesn't touch any lashes.

  3. Gently press the tape down to ensure it's securely in place and won't move during the lash extension process.

  4. Using a pair of tweezers, carefully separate the top lashes from the bottom lashes, and place the upper lashes on the tape, away from the lower lashes. Make sure to isolate each lash individually.

  5. If necessary, use additional pieces of tape to isolate any remaining lashes that are sticking together or difficult to separate.

  6. Once all of the lashes are isolated, proceed with the lash extension application process.

Note: It's important to be gentle when isolating the lashes to avoid damaging the natural lashes or causing discomfort to the client. If your client experiences any discomfort or irritation, stop the process and adjust the tape as necessary.

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