How to Prepare For Your Client


Have your client lay flat on the bed and cover her forehead with your choice of headband or disposable cap. 

Position the pillow or neck support as needed and cover her with a blanket or two if needed.

Making sure your client is comfortable is super important .

  • Follow basic sanitation procedures
  • Fill out Client Record card and discuss treatment.
  • Have client remove contact lenses.
  • Place client in a partially reclining position in the facial chair.
  • Drape clean towel across client's chest to protect clothes.
  • Remove all eye makeup thoroughly with a non-oily makeup remover, and dry area.
  • Complete client consultation sheet
  • Position client comfortably
  • Take a before photograph
  • Protect client’s hair with a head band or mop cap and drape a towel or bed roll over the client’s upper body to protect clothing
  • Sanitize your hands
  • Remove any traces of make up using an oil free make up remover and a clean cotton pad, place cotton pad in bin
  • Comb through the lashes using a disposable mascara wand, put the mascara wand to the side for later in the treatment

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