Recommended Lash Extension Glue + Storage

Eyelash Extension Glue



  • Black Adhesive / 1-2 Sec Drying time
  • Retention - 7 Weeks/Professional Use Only 
  • Sky Glue works best at 50 -70 % humidity



  • This adhesive is meant for Salon Use Only. Please Never use it for Self-Application or with clusters or strip lashes! Please Read the Product Description carefully, using this product Against its Instructions May Cause Reactions. If you are not a professional lash artist, please contact us and we will issue a full refund for your order.
  • Extra fast with great retention — 0.3 second of drying time which is approximate to an instant setting. This evolutionary glue will be of great use for highly skilled eyelash technicians boosting the speed of lash appointments offering long-lasting retention of up to 6-8 weeks!
  • Low fumes - this adhesive has the lowest level of fumes among all our glues (even lower than Sensitive) approximate to zero-emission. 
  • Low viscosity - Stacy Lash Lightning Speed adhesive has a low-viscosity consistency allowing lash artists to work significantly faster and preventing lashes from clumping together.




  • Glue container store your eyelash extensions glue properly and fully protects adhesive from humidity.
  • Effectively keeps moisture away from stored glue bottles, with good design of the lid, much of the air is pressed out when you press down the lid, creating vacuum seal.
  • Practical for storing eyelash extension gels, foam balls, paints, glitter powder, beads, crafts, etc. can serve for long-term using
  • Come with enough storage capacity to store three pieces of eyelash extension glues.

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