What are different types of lashes?

Different Lash Types


Silk are synthetic lashes that generally have more of a shine to them, are also slightly heavier than Mink lashes and are a little more glam due to the shine.


Mink are also synthetic lashes, however these have a matte appearance and in general are lighter than Silk lashes, making them a more natural lash appearance.

Flat lashes:

Also referred to as Cashmere lashes. You’ll find that these lashes are soft touch, very light at the tip and generally wider at the base. Most flat lashes are designed to hold longer retention.

Real Mink:

It is rare, however you may come across some lash brands which offer Real Mink Fur lashes. Real Mink is super soft and lightweight, although be sure to make your clients aware if you are going to use real fur.

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