What to post when you don't have any clients?

When you don't have clients, you can still engage your audience and build your brand presence. Here's a simple list of things to post:

  1. Introduction Post:

    • Share a bit about yourself, your passion, and what you offer.
  2. Portfolio Showcase:

    • Display your previous work or showcase your skills even if they were personal projects.
  3. Behind-the-Scenes:

    • Give a glimpse into your work process or workspace to humanize your brand.
  4. Client Testimonials (If Available):

    • If you've worked with clients before, share testimonials to build credibility.
  5. Educational Content:

    • Share tips, tricks, or industry insights related to your expertise.
  6. Interactive Content:

    • Conduct polls, quizzes, or ask questions to encourage engagement.
  7. Offer a Limited-Time Promotion:

    • Create a special promotion for the first few clients or offer a discount for early bookings.
  8. Collaboration Announcement:

    • Tease any upcoming collaborations or partnerships to generate excitement.
  9. Show Your Personality:

    • Share personal anecdotes, hobbies, or interests to connect with your audience.
  10. Highlight Relevant Trends:

    • Stay updated on industry trends and share your thoughts or predictions.
  11. Share Your Journey:

    • Document your professional journey, milestones, and lessons learned.
  12. Client Spotlights (Past Work):

    • If you have worked with clients before, highlight their success stories or the projects you did for them.
  13. Request Feedback:

    • Ask your audience for feedback or suggestions on your work or services.
  14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    • Create an FAQ post to address common questions your potential clients might have.
  15. Community Engagement:

    • Engage with your followers' content, participate in discussions, and build a sense of community.
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