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Lash Mapping Guide [With Resell Right]

Lash Mapping Guide [With Resell Right]

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Map it out, Lash it up! 
This Lash Mapping Guide is the perfect tool for any beauty enthusiast! With its detailed diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to quickly learn how to map individual lashes in order to achieve a customized look. This guide includes tips on choosing the right lash shape and length as well as step-by-step directions on mapping out your desired look. Whether you're an experienced lash artist or just starting out, this guide will help make sure that each application looks flawless every time! 

  • Improves accuracy and precision of lash mapping
  • Increased comfort for the client throughout their appointment
  • Aids in saving time during an eyelash service
  • Prevents crosspollination of product between clients
  • Helps ensure quality fan creation every single time

Mini Lash Mapping Guide Plus Resell Rights Included

This guide has over 20 + pages of content made just for lash techs. This guide will give you tips an outline on lash mapping and how to properly map your lash extensions. The ebook also has a video demonstration link as well. 

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Lash mapping guide.


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