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Six Figure Lash Tech 3 Course Training Bundle

Six Figure Lash Tech 3 Course Training Bundle

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Introducing the New Six Figure Lash Tech 3 virtual Course Bundle Deal – the ultimate online training program for those pursuing a career in lash extensions or seeking to level up their skills as a lash technician.

Our bundle comprises three separate courses, meticulously crafted to cover a wide array of lash extension application topics. Each course is expertly led and combines engaging video tutorials, comprehensive instructional materials, and quizzes to ensure you grasp the content fully.

Here's what you'll find in the bundle:

  1. Lash Fundamentals: Dive into the foundational aspects of lash extensions, including safety, hygiene, client consultations, lash mapping, and adhesive selection.

  2. Volume Lash Mastery: For seasoned lash techs eager to delve into advanced techniques, this course is your gateway to mastering fan-making, layering, and volume lash mapping.

  3. Mega Volume Lash Mastery: Ready to create those show-stopping, full-volume lash sets? Our advanced course covers creating fans with multiple lashes, using varying curls and lengths, and achieving that mega volume effect.

  4. Business and Marketing Mastery: Discover the business side of lash extension application, focusing on branding, marketing, and top-notch customer service. Learn how to draft a solid business plan, build a loyal clientele, and effectively promote your services online.

  5. Classic Lash Refresher: Ideal for lash techs looking to revisit the core principles of classic lash application, this course covers isolation, precise placement, and adhesive control.

  6. Advanced Styling Techniques: Explore a range of advanced lash styling techniques, from layering to tailoring lash maps to different eye shapes, and crafting custom designs – and so much more.

The New Six Figure Lash Tech 3 virtual Course Bundle Deal offers a comprehensive education, spanning lash extension application from fundamentals to advanced methods and successful business strategies. With this bundle, you'll gain the knowledge and skills required to embark on a rewarding career as a lash technician, possibly reaching a six-figure income.

This all-inclusive bundle equips you from start to finish. Please note that, upon purchase, we will manually enroll you in our Lash Academy within 48 hours. Access to the courses remains available for two years after completion.

Kindly be aware: Duplicate course purchases will result in enrollment in an alternative virtual training course. Pay close attention to your purchase details.


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Customer Reviews

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Hailey Ferguson

i love how much information there is, such a great way to gain knowledge

Lilly Hernandez
i love this so much

i love it , your course is my very first one ever i am getting so much information. very detailed and descriptive. worth every penny.