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Wispy Lash Extension Course & Certification

Wispy Lash Extension Course & Certification

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Self-Paced Virtual Wispy Lash Mini Course & Certification!

Our comprehensive online program is specially designed to teach you the art of applying wispy lash extensions to clients. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lash artist looking to enhance your skills, this course is perfect for you.

Enjoy the flexibility of a self-paced learning experience, allowing you to go through the material at your own speed. Embrace the convenience of virtual learning, as you can access the course from the comfort of your home.

The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including lash mapping, product knowledge, application techniques, maintenance, and safe removal practices. Additionally, you'll master essential client consultation and aftercare skills to provide a top-notch lash service.

Upon completion of the program, you'll earn a certification in Wispy Lash Extensions. This certification will be your badge of expertise, setting you apart as a skilled lash artist.

We've carefully crafted the course materials to include video tutorials, reading materials, interactive quizzes, and hands-on assignments. Moreover, you'll have access to a private online community, where you can connect with fellow students and receive valuable feedback from our experienced instructors.

Get ready to embark on a transformative lash journey and become a successful lash artist. Keep an eye on your inbox; you'll receive a welcome email within 48 hours after purchasing, guiding you through the beginning of this exciting learning adventure.

Join us now and let's unlock the potential of wispy lash extensions together!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Customer service is horrible & owner is very rude. Will only respond to tell you she’s not working but won’t respond any other day of the week. Had to email every week for 4 weeks! Just to get my certificate sent to me. Would not recommend to anyone.

Cyhania Kameka

It was very detailed and informative. It gave me the confidence to do more whispy sets in my own lash business


Never received.


The owner is genuinely the rudest person I've ever encountered. When I texted her with a question over the holidays, I didn't anticipate receiving a response because, of course, it was a holiday. However, I was shocked by how rude her response was. Don't buy from this company; the customer support is dreadful. This course also didn’t help at all.


The wispy lash Mini course is TOP TIER